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Data... is not simply data - 
Information is the lifeblood of your business.
As businesses increasingly rely on the utilization of data they collect and create, the threat of an information technology failure has grown as well.  Storage system downtime can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue, hamper productivity and cause legal and privacy issues.  Longer outages can even cause businesses to fail.  In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, 40% of the businesses that experience a major IT failure never re-open.
The breakneck speed of today's business climate requires not just instant access -
It requires instant recovery as well.
In response to the growing need for instant data recovery, CPU Options has developed a unique, three tiered approach to storage needs: Primary Storage, Backup and Recovery and Archiving. 
Primary Storage Solutions utilize the latest technologies to ensure quick and cost effective access to a business' primary set of dynamic data.
Backup and Recovery Solutions take advantage of disk to disk strategies to make certain a business remain up and running without delays.
Archiving Solutions safeguard the the long term storage of fixed (static) data for both compliance and business continuity.
These three storage tiers, bound together by carefully selected infrastructure hardware and software, ensure the stability of your data.  Contact us and explore what our 20 years of experience has to offer...  Step up to a storage solution from CPU Options.

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