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With convergence of Voice, Video, and Data across one network, your company’s infrastructure is more important then ever. CPU Options can assist you in building a network that ensures security and meets the bandwidth and Quality of Service requirements of a converged workplace.

With best of breed technologies and advanced features from such companies as Blue Coat, Cisco Systems, and others CPU Options has the ability to help you design and implement a network that will allow for future growth tomorrow and security today.

CPU Options understands that businesses, depending on their growth cycle, are in one of two basic networking modes. They are either maintaining their existing network or they are upgrading. We have many customers today that turn to us for both of these situations. Some need replacement parts for older system that they are still using, such as Digital Hubs and Switches. Others are looking to upgrade to Power over Ethernet Switches with the ability to provide Quality of Service per port.


That is why we say “Respect the Past, Embrace the Future”. We stock older items to help our customers maintain a system that is reaching its end of life and also have the ability to offer design and products to upgrade that system to handle tomorrow’s converged high speed network.


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